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One Column Page Layout

A one column page, as basic as it comes.


This component is only used for Healthcare. Please use the theme switcher to view the component with Healthcare styles.



When to use

  • A one column layout is useful for presenting a page that includes a form.
  • A one column layout is a great approach for a text-heavy page.

When to consider alternatives

  • Use a landing page when introducing users to your application, agency, or organization.


Prioritize your content by organizing content into three regions.

  • Page header
    • Page headers contain the following items: Backlinks, breadcrumb, progress bars, or utility links (print, email, RSS), Lead text, subtitles, sub-headers, or page-level alerts.
  • Page content
    • Primary content.
  • Page footer
    • Pain index or utility links (print, email, RSS).

Used in this pattern