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CMS Design System

Modal Dialog

The dialog component can be used to focus a user's attention on a single piece of content, without taking them to a new screen. Please use with caution; view our guidance for more details.



Dialog size variants

Apply one of the size modifier classes to the ds-c-dialog element to change the dialog width.

  • .ds-c-dialog--narrow
  • .ds-c-dialog--wide
  • .ds-c-dialog--full



React Properties Documentation
actionsReactNodeButtons or other HTML to be rendered in the "actions" bar at the bottom of the dialog.
actionsClassNamestringAdditional classes to be added to the actions container.
alertbooleanIf true, the modal will receive a role of alertdialog, instead of its default dialog. The alertdialog role should only be used when an alert, error, or warning occurs.
ariaCloseLabelstringAria label for the close button
backdropClickExitsbooleanPass true to have the dialog close when its backdrop pseudo-element is clicked
classNamestringAdditional classes to be added to the root dialog element.
closeButtonSizeDialogCloseButtonSizeSize of the close button. See Button component
closeButtonTextReactNodeFor internationalization purposes, the text for the "Close" button must be passed in as a prop.
closeButtonVariationButtonVariationghostVariation string to be applied to close button component. See Button component
closeIconReactNode<CloseIcon />The icon to display as part of the close button
headerClassNamestringAdditional classes to be added to the header, which wraps the heading and close button.
headingReactNodeThe Dialog's heading, to be rendered in the header alongside the close button.
idstringA custom id attribute for the dialog element
onEnter() => voidThis function is called after the modal opens
onExitrequired(event: MouseEvent<Element, MouseEvent> | KeyboardEvent<Element>) => voidThis function needs to handles the state change of exiting (or deactivating) the modal. Maybe it's just a wrapper around setState(); or maybe you use some more involved Flux-inspired state management — whatever the case, this module leaves the state management up to you instead of making assumptions. That also makes it easier to create your own "close modal" buttons; because you have the function that closes the modal right there, written by you, at your disposal.
sizeDialogSizeThe Dialog's size parameter.
analyticsbooleanAnalytics events tracking is enabled by default. Set this value to false to disable tracking for this component instance.
analyticsLabelOverridestringAn override for the dynamic content sent to analytics services. By default this content comes from the heading. In cases where this component’s heading may contain sensitive information, use this prop to override what is sent to analytics.
analyticsEventTypeOverridestringIf you need the event_type to be overridden for your use case, you can provide an alternate string here. Suggested values can be found in the EventType enum.
onAnalyticsEvent(event: AnalyticsEvent) => voidOptional callback that will intercept analytics events for this component. If none is specified, the design system will use the default analytics function, which can be overwritten globally with setDefaultAnalyticsFunction.


The following CSS variables can be overridden to customize Dialog components:

CSS variables for dialog
VariableDefault Core Theme Value
--dialog__background-colorhex value: #ffffff--color-white
--dialog-overlay__background-colorhex value: #00000080--color-transparent-black-alpha50


This component has analytics tracking available. Please see our developer documentation about using analytics in the design system.



Keyboard support

  • Enter or Space to select the highlighted item.
  • Tab to move the focus sequentially through the list of focusable items.
  • Shift + Tab to move the focus sequentially through the list of focusable items in reversed order.

Focus Management

  • When the modal is opened, the entire modal is the default focus state. Most screen readers will announce the entire dialog content.
  • Focus is trapped within the modal and users can then navigate through the dialog actions with the keyboard.
  • Escape will close the modal. To disable exiting when users press the Escape key, set the escapeExits prop to false
  • When the modal closes, focus returns to the element that was focused just before the modal is activated
  • To place the focus inside of the dialog on activating the modal, set the dialog focus using the initialFocus prop with boolean prop focusDialog set to false

Learn more

Component maturity

For more information about how we tested and validated our work for each checklist item, read our component maturity documentation.


  • Color

    Meets AA color contrast standards for accessibility and color blindness.
  • Forced Colors Mode (FCM)

    While using FCM the components text is legible and improves readability.
  • WCAG 2.1 Level AA Conformance

    All Axe checks for WCAG AA compliance have passed.
  • Screen readers

    VoiceOver, NVDA, and JAWS screen readers provide concise communication and interaction.
  • Keyboard navigation

    Component is fully navigable with a keyboard.


  • Storybook

    Component has stories to cover all defined props.
  • Responsive

    Component designed to work in all responsive breakpoints.
  • Spanish translations

    Includes Spanish translations for default text content.


  • Code

    Tokens implemented in code.
  • Design

    Tokens implemented in the Sketch.