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Skip Nav

Skip navigation links allow users with screen readers to bypass long navigation lists.




Make sure you include an id at the beginning of your main content and that it matches the skipnav link.


React Properties Documentation

Skip nav label


The anchor or target for the link (where the link will jump the user to)

onClick(...args: any[]) => any

An onClick handler used for manually setting focus on the content. Sometimes it's necessary to manually set focus, like when an app uses hash routing and element-id links will be mistaken for routes.


When to use

  • Skip navigation links should come before a long list of navigation links. Most commonly, this occurs before a site's main navigation.


  • Skip navigation can be visually hidden at first or displayed visually at all times, depending on user needs and design requirements.
  • Skip navigation should appear visually on focus.
  • The link should skip the user to the main content of the page.
  • More than one skip link can be on a page, but be mindful of creating too many.
  • Adding a tabindex="-1" on the container being skipped to allows older browsers to programmatically move focus properly.

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