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The design system's layout, utility, and typography classes are built with responsive web design in mind and is built to be mobile-first.


Use the breakpoint prefixes sm, md, lg, and xl to apply styles at different viewport sizes. For example: .ds-u-lg-display--none sets an element's display property to none when the viewport is 1024px or wider.

PrefixBreakpointSass variableDescription
min-width(0px)$media-width-xsViewports 0px and wider
smmin-width(544px)$media-width-smViewports 544px and wider
mdmin-width(768px)$media-width-mdViewports 768px and wider
lgmin-width(1024px)$media-width-lgViewports 1024px and wider
xlmin-width(1280px)$media-width-xlViewports 1280px and wider

What supports a breakpoint prefix

In order to reduce code bloat, not everything supports a breakpoint prefix. Only the items below support breakpoint prefixes.

Additional usage examples are available on the pages listed above.